Play Ground

Play Ground

Engaging playGround

Welcome to our Child Care and Play Center!

Our playground is designed to provide a fun and safe environment for children to explore, play, and learn. We believe that play is an essential part of childhood development, and our playground is designed to encourage children to be active, creative, and imaginative.

Our playground features a variety of age-appropriate equipment and activities, including swings, slides, climbing structures, Jumping pillow, roller rink and Tricycles, and more. We regularly inspect and maintain our equipment to ensure that it is safe and in good condition for children to use.

Competitive and Fun center

We understand that children love to compete and have fun, which is why we have designed our center to provide a range of competitive and fun activities for children of all ages.

Our center features a variety of interactive and engaging games and activities, such as sports, board games, video games, trivia, and more. We offer both individual and team-based games and activities to cater to every child’s interests and preferences.

under 1 year old

1 to 2 years Old

3 to 13 years old

17 to 13 Years Old


Please bring your own Socks! ($2.00 if you forget)

Annual Membership

(Based on the number of children
in the immediate family)

$120 for 1 child
$220 for 2 children
$90 for each additional child

Includes 1 year of unlimited visits, 10% off birthday parties, advance notice
of special promotions, & special pricing on vacation & summer camps

Admission prices include the play Structure, jumping pillow, and roller rink
except snack bar items. socks are required for adults and children in the Play Center

Little Monkeys offers 10% discount on birthday parties for members

Safe & Allergy-Free center

At our center, safety is our top priority. We understand that parents need peace of mind when leaving their children in our care, which is why we have taken every measure to ensure that our facilities are safe and secure for all children.

We take allergies very seriously and want to ensure that all children who visit our center can do so safely and confidently. As such, we are proud to be a nut-free facility, and we do not permit any outside food or drink due to allergy concerns.